Finance and Back End Product Management

Cirrus’s Back Office Management module makes structuring the deal and calculating deal profitability simple. Once a customer makes a purchase, your finance manager can easily retrieve all relevant personal information, thus avoiding the need to re-enter the same data.  Back end products can be completely managed within Cirrus or integrated from external partners.  Either approach allows for all deal elements to be included and reported on in one interface. 

Some of the key features of our Accounting solution include:

  • Allows your F&I manager to easily include Back End Products (BEP), additional insurance products and warranty items

  • Confidential information stored in a secure, permission based area of the deal
  • Credit bureau integration to pull any of the three major credit reports with the click of a button

  • Customer data control including personal, financial and vehicle / vessel / motor / trailer information

  • Pull credit and red flag reports without double-entry of customer information

Integration with credit bureau reporting

The system integrates with credit bureau reporting so your team can pull credit directly into the system without exiting to other software. Confidential information is permission based and stored for use only by those who need it to protect the PII of all your customers.
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