Full indexing of documents by module & function.

Our newest DMS module integrates across the solution to provide for full document storage and a complete picture of work. Dealerships can become truly paperless, not lose any documents and store relevant materials in perpetuity.This module closes the loop for full paperless cloud based dealer management.  

Store executed documents for deals with the deal details, add manufacturer invoices to the unit inventory screens and attach vendor invoices to billing documents. 

Some of the key features of our Accounting solution include:

  • Full indexing of documents by module and function

  • Easy to use scan and upload tool

  • Detailed folder storage and search options by module

Electronic filing for anytime access.

The all new document manager integrates with accounting, inventory, deals and parts and service to store all relevant external documents in one location. Each document is attached at the appropriate level for quick locating. Store Manufacturer invoices, signed buyers orders, retail credit card receipts and much more.
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