Mobile Apps & websites are key to the success of your dealership

Dealer Pro Solution for mobile is a powerful tool for your sales team. 

The application allows service team membersto be connected, reviewing jobs assigned to them and recording flag time efficiently right from where the job is being completed. Advanced Unit Image Capture Tool allows you to take high quality unit pictures and resize, and directly upload to your website.
Real Time updated Electronic Stock Sheets synced to your Teams Phone. 
Dealer Pro provides:

*Module one is the Electronic Stock Sheet (ESS).  The ESS delivers comprehensive information about every unit on your lot and provides real time updates to unit status changes right at your fingertips.  

*Module two is the exciting and easy-to-use picture tool which enables your sales team to use their iPhone to take high quality unit pictures and directly upload them to your website.  With the evolution of high quality lens options you can capture wide angle views previously only found on cameras costing hundreds of dollars.
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