Complete, Integrated Accounting Module

Cirrus’ fully-integrated accounting solution was designed from day one to handle all the unique challenges of dealership accounting. Our real-time accounting module allows dealers to track the true cost associated with each unit and back end products in a deal, providing a clear view into bottom line profitability.  We've also partnered with organizations such as Intuit for payroll and Century Business Solutions for merchant processing.

Cirrus Accounting is designed to have the simplicity and ease of use of many entry level accounting packages but with all the sophistication of the most demanding Accountant. 

Some of the key features of our Accounting solution include:

  • Cirrus Accounting also provides for sophisticated GL Account setup to create amazing financial reports

  • Cirrus provides multi-location, departmental and profit center accounting for the most demanding dealerships

  • Eliminates duplicate entry and provides every tool needed to process all your transactions in a seamless, easy to use interface

  • Easily calculate, split and pay commissions to your entire sales team including manager overrides and back end products

  • No batch processing is necessary for daily or monthly closing of periods

  • Manage and process A/R, A/P, purchasing, invoice entry, journal entries, cash receipts, check writing, bank deposits, cashiering, bank reconciliation and scheduled entries

Track the true cost associated with each unit & back end products

Insure all deal elements are consistently included, standardize deals by type using deal templates, execute consist PDI work using canned jobs and costs.  Using the bank and employee tabs insures all participation, insurance and bank elements are included and employee commissions are accurate, approved and paid in a timely manner.
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