Cirrus deal manager is your one stop shop for consistent execution of profitable deals

Cirrus Deal Manager is a complete solution to execute your deals including all deal documents, inventory, sales commissions, bank participation, work orders, full deal accounting and more. 

Your Dealer Show Site includes customer registration, ticket registration with email responses as well as inventory display for units at the Show.  We also have a Dealer Show count down timer that displays the days/hours/minutes until show starts or ends. 

  • Complete deal documents for signature

  • Adjust deal elements and profit interactively

  • Includes Back End Products, add on service and work order integration

Adjust deal elements & profit interactively

Insure all deal elements are consistently included, standardize deals by type using deal templates, execute consist PDI work using canned jobs and costs.  Using the bank and employee tabs insures all participation, insurance and bank elements are included and employee commissions are accurate, approved and paid in a timely manner.
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