Cirrus Parts Module

Cirrus Parts Module provides complete inventory, pricing and ordering of parts for retail sales and service work.  With integration to NTP, over 40,000 parts are pre-loaded for use. Place parts in Bins for better organization, identify and provide substitutions for parts to insure all work is completed using the right parts and options.  Use the inventory function to understand and manage the right amount of parts to sustain the business needs and deliver timely repairs to your customers.

The Cirrus Solutions Service & Parts modules can help make your Service workflow more efficient and your employees more productive.  Manage fixed-ops performance with a centralized view of all metrics that lead to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

This cloud-based, cutting edge solution can help your dealership:

  • Work Order integration facilitates parts ordering in real time

  • Order, receive and track parts usage

  • Eliminate manual tasks and wasted time with electronic transfer of data, improving productivity

  • Track everyone’s activities, so you can divide work evenly among your Technicians

  • Price parts uniquely by work type: warranty, retail or internal

  • Eliminate double data entry

Standardize jobs,  parts and labor pricing for consistency

Run your parts retail business to drive ongoing revenue and repeat purchases at the Dealership.  Use the inventory reporting to plan for minimum and maximum inventory to support the parts retail and service elements of your business and understand sales by detailed part number.
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