Marine Dealer Solutions

Marine Dealers have the need for a robust website and CRM just like the auto dealers. However, CRM and Dealer Management information needs to be tailored for the unique options only found in the Marine industry.   The unique needs of these dealers have been incorporated into our Dealer Platform software.  Marine dealers also rely more heavily on their sales pipeline because the boat customer buying cycle is much longer than that of an auto customer.  

This is where Cirrus Solutions can maximize your Marine Dealership’s sales opportunities and profitability by managing the interactions of every customer who visits your Marine dealership or website.  Cirrus Solutions integrates these contacts into a single database to streamline your sales process and produce maximum results.  
Cirrus Solutions provides you with the most complete Boat and Marine dealer software solution on the market.  Cirrus allows for packaged stock numbers.  This is a powerful way to list multiple units that must be tracked into one stock number which then allows margin visibility on the packaged stock number.  An example could include a Hull, 2 engines, and a trailer.  These 4 units would have a unique stock number, but can be packaged into a single stock number making desking a deal a breeze.Cirrus easily accommodates brokerage selling.

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