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Cirrus is the only fully integrated dealer management system designed for manufactured housing dealers. From inventory management to CRM, from deal desking to service, Cirrus does it all. Our fully integrated accounting system also manages your Ap and Ar and produces accurate and timely financial reporting for your organization. No more calculating sales commissions on spreadsheets, No more guessing the cost of your sales. It is all integrated into Cirrus.
Are you a multi-location dealer? Do you constantly find yourself rushing back to the office to handle an issue or manage the location? Not a problem for Cirrus. Our system communicates with all locations, allowing you full remote access at the click of a button. We will provide all the features of the franchised CRM but at a fraction of the cost. We are confident that your implementation experience will be much easier because Cirrus has the advantage of being a fresh modern system design that circumvents the decades of legacy processes that exist in outdated dealer platforms.

Manufactured Homes Deal Documents

Our Document Manager, along with the State-specific list of documents your Dealership needs on every sale, will significantly increase deal execution and paperwork accuracy. Spend more time with customers and less time worrying about chasing necessary documents. With access to internet, you can accomplish all this from the comfort of your home office or favorite vacation spot. 




* Improper Site
* Affidavit of Fact
* Keys Document
* Skirting Order Form
* LA Title Application
* Installation Checklist
* Texas 1019-siteprep
* Warranty Disclaimer
* Habitability Warranty
* Delivery Sheet Invoice
* 3rd Party Instructions
* Broker Disclosure Form
* Easements Documents
* Compliance Review List
* Health Notice form 1061
* Texas 1061-healthnotice
* Dealer Power of Attorney
* Warranty Service Release
* Industry Required Inspection
* Notice of Installation (Form l)
* Home Delivery Form Dealers
* Permit Disclosure Document
* Unlicensed Contractors List
* Warranty Extension Request
* 1019 Site Preparation Notice
* Confidential Disclosure - Spanish
* Consumer Insulation Information

* Disclosure Finance Not Closed
* Agreement to leave utilities off
* Homeowner's Manual Document
* Texas Retailers Limited Warranty
* Warranty and Service Agreement
* Prevention of Soil Erosion Document
* Sales Tax and Titling Fees Document
* Texas Construction Standards Notice
* Texas Limited Warranty Used Home
* Texas Making and Informed Decision
* Breaker to Water Heater Document
* Application for Statement of Ownership
* Seller Buyer Agreement on New Homes
* Site Preparation Notice For Used Homes
* Texas Receipt of Notices and Warranties
* MHD 1058 Compliance Review Checklist
* Retailer Limited Warranty New Installation
* Texas Notice of Three Day Right of Recision
* Texas Application for Statement of Ownership
* MVD 10002 New Mexico application for T itle
* MHD 1023 Statement of Ownership Application
* ACD 31093 New Mexico Title Clearance Request
* Texas Manufactured Housing Use Tax Payment 18-101
* Required Installation Program Disclosure to Consumer 
* Notice for Making False Misleading Written Statement
* Making An Informed Decision About Buying A Manufactured Home

Don't see your State listed?


Benefits Cloud-Based Technologies

Our newest DMS Module integrates across the solution to provide for full document storage and a complete picture of work. 

What our customers are saying

Cirrus is the only fully integrated dealer management system in the Manufactured Housing industry. We have used multiple programs over the years and spent a fortune trying to find the right system for our industry, but Cirrus is the only program that does it all. I wanted one system that would save my team time not having to enter the same information over and over in multiple programs, as well as avoiding mistakes. Patrick , Laura and their team have been very responsive to the issues that come up working in a new system, as well as adding features for our specific needs running MH dealerships. I highly recommend Cirrus and would be happy to speak with anyone looking at their program.

Shane Upshaw |
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