Manufactured Homes 
Dealer Solutions

Cirrus has designed our systems to surpass the requirements of the most demanding of the four dealer verticals .  The Manufactured Homes dealers are the clear leader when it comes to operational and sales management processes.  They have also blazed the trail regarding web and mobile technology adoption.  Cirrus has partner with many Manufactured Housing dealers to offer them a robust sofware system that is not only easy to use but highly effective.

Cirrus is the only fully integrated dealer management system designed for manufactured housing dealers. From inventory management to CRM, from deal desking to service, Cirrus does it all. Our fully integrated accounting system also manages your Ap and Ar and produces accurate and timely financial reporting for your organization. No more calculating sales commissions on spreadsheets, No more guessing the cost of your sales. It is all integrated into Cirrus.
Are you a multi-location dealer? Do you constantly find yourself rushing back to the office to handle an issue or manage the location? Not a problem for Cirrus. Our system communicates with all locations, allowing you full remote access at the click of a button. We will provide all the features of the franchised CRM but at a fraction of the cost. We are confident that your implementation experience will be much easier because Cirrus has the advantage of being a fresh modern system design that circumvents the decades of legacy processes that exist in outdated dealer platforms.
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